DevKit Installation Part 1 (for Mac OS X)

What if I have Windows 7 instead?

System Requirements


Figure 1: Camera setup and frame.

Figure 2: Checkerboard mounted on a foam core board with binder clips.

  1. Assemble the stand as shown in instructions. The base of the camera should fit snugly on the black hex nut. Place the stand behind your monitor or laptop (See Figure 1).
  2. Download the SDK OS X binaries and double click on the GesturalUserInterface.dmg file. Copy the NimbleSDK directory somewhere (such as into your home directory). It should have the subdirectories:
  3. Request a license from 3Gear Systems and place the license.yml file in the NimbleSDK directory.
  4. In the NimbleSDK directory, create a config.yml (see config_example.yml), making sure CameraType is set to OpenNI2 and NumCameras is set to 1:

    CameraType: OpenNI2
    NumCameras: 1
  5. Print the checkerboard (on letter or A4 paper). See Figure 2, foam board optional.

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