Nimble SDK User guide


Our hand-tracking system is designed to track the position and orientation of a user's hands as well as the joint angles of the ten fingers. In addition, we have a higher-level API that supports certain specific gestures such as trigger or pinch to click.


Our system currently tracks some poses better than others because it relies on a database of poses to track a user's hands. Poses outside of the database may be tracked poorly.

Note that this is the final version of our software and our ability to support it may be somewhat limited. If you run into major bugs, however, feel free to contact us via email at

Mounting locations

We have been experimenting more with different mounting locations. Certain interactions work better when the camera is facing the user, a configuration that we call front-facing. We still support the same top-down mounting location that we've used in our DevKits, but certain users may find they get better results with the front-facing configuration.

Supported cameras

At the request of our users, we have added support for a wider variety of depth cameras, including time-of-flight offerings by PMDTec, SoftKinetic, and Microsoft. Because every camera has different properties (resolution, field-of-view, near distance, etc.) different cameras should be mounted in different ways. Please see the camera notes page for more details on these types of cameras.

Installation Part 1

I bought a 3Gear DevKit (Win64 / OS X)

If you purchased a 3Gear Development Kit, installation is especially easy.

I'm using a different depth camera (Win64 / OS X)

Otherwise, we also support some other types of depth cameras (although some of these cameras are harder to setup or less accurate).

Installation Part 2 (Win64 / OS X)

We describe how to calibrate the camera, hands and run applications in our setup guide.

Writing your own applications

In this document, we describe how to begin using the API portion of the SDK to incorporate hand-tracking in your applications.


If you run into issues along the way, we'd be happy to help you resolve them, but check here first.