Bring your hands into virtual reality

The Nimble Sense is a depth sensing camera system
that enables direct interaction with your hands in VR.


The first depth sensing camera optimized for virtual reality

The Nimble Sense captures a 3D point cloud across a 110 degree field of view. Combined with the world's most robust skeletal hand tracking software, the Nimble Sense delivers low-latency, accurate hand input to provide the simple experience of having both hands in VR. The Nimble Sense is perfectly suited for integration on an Oculus Rift or other head mounted display, but can also be mounted above a monitor or sit on your desk.

(Nimble Sense mounted on an Oculus Rift DK2)

Reach out and grab something

Virtual reality is about exploring new worlds. The Nimble Sense lets you pick something up and spin it around in your hands.

Control a user interface without a controller

Tired of taking your Rift off just to press a key or click a mouse button? The Nimble Sense allows you to interact without having to put on a glove or hold a controller.

Give yourself super powers

Cast spells, use telekinesis, or shoot lightning from your fingertips by empowering your hands in VR.

Ready to take virtual reality to the next level?